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22 September
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yo, bitch.
my name is leah. i'm 15 and i come from a land known as australia. i love photography, and i hope to pursue it as a career when i'm older. i play bass, my favourite band is the strokes. but i'm crazily obsessed with adam green.
the end.
p.s you can add me if you want, but make sure you comment so i can add you back!

some of the bands i dig.

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the strokes

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kings of leon

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matt followill is THE sex

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adam green

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i love these bitches!

the rest of the bands i like are in my interests :)
12:51, adam green, aha shake heartbreak, albert hammond jr, albert hammond jr., alice cooper, andy warhol, antics, arctic monkeys, bass guitar, beck, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, ben lee, berets, black rebel motorcycle club, bloc party, caleb followill, carl barat, carlos d, converse, daniel kessler, david bowie, dazed and confused, detroit rock city, dhani harrison, edie sedgwick, fab moretti, fabrizio moretti, franz ferdinand, friends of mine, garfield, gemstones, george harrison, gigs, guitar, hard to explain, hot hot heat, howlin' pelle almqvist, indie, interpol, is this it, jack white, jacket full of danger, jared followill, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, jimmy page, john lennon, julian casablancas, juliet casablancas, kaiser chiefs, karen o, kimya dawson, king of the rodeo, kings of leon, kurt cobain, led zeppelin, lou reed, manhattan, marilyn monroe, matt romano, matthew followill, maximo park, meg white, nathan followill, new york, new york city, nick valensi, nick valensi's hair, niko, nikolai fraiture, nirvana, nme, obstacle 2, originality, paul banks, paul mccartney, photography, polaroid, polaroids, radiohead, ramones, razorlight, reptilia, ricky wilson, ringo starr, ripped jeans, robert plant, rock and roll, room on fire, ryan gentles, slow hands, slow night so long, strokes love, tabs, the beatles, the datsuns, the doors, the hives, the libertines, the modern age ep, the moldy peaches, the strokes, the velvet underground, the vines, the white album, the white stripes, this is spinal tap, vintage clothing, we are scientists, wolfmother, yeah yeah yeahs, youth and young manhood